What do we do?

Amputees came together for a first general meeting in October 2008, with the aim of providing support to each other and to the rest of the amputee community in Malta. In February 2009, a few primary members came together to set up a committee and approve a statue. A4A then held its launch to the media and members on 14th November 2009.

Amputees4Amputees is set on three pillars:


Our main aim is to offer support to those who have undergone or are going to undergo an amputation. The support that we offer is based on one’s own experience. We very much believe in the support given by one amputee to another, hence the name Amputees4Amputees.

We also offer psychological support from professionals if the need arises.


A4A is committed to lobby towards giving the best service possible to amputees, including care in and out of hospital, provision of prosthesis and other related services.


A4A seeks to provide educational support to amputees. A4A is committed towards attending conferences, and collaborating with other organisations to further educate ourselves, our members and the general public.